Kids / Baby Shower Themes

We know how joyous and happy everyone gets with the arrival of their little bundle of joy. We are just as excited for you and we will like to share your happiness with our kids’ thematic set-ups for your celebration with your loved ones.

Select from our range of specially-designed kids thematic set-ups to delight your young ones!

Cars & Automobiles

Hold a car-themed party for your child. From Lightning McQueen to F1 cars, excite your little ones with the automobiles they love! We’ll bring you the Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini – all miniature of course.

Pretty in Pink

Who doesn’t love pink especially when it’s for the little princess? Complete the buffet with a cute teddy bear dressed in a dainty floral pink frock, accompanied with a fluffy unicorn as side-kick!

I Wanna Be a Rock Star!

Bring out the inner Rock Star in you or your child! Have your own little rock concert complete with Theodore the Teddy Bear as your partner in crime.

House Party with Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Bear & Friends

Invite Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Bear to your very own party. They’ll bring along their friends, Happy Monkey and Spottie the Dog to brighten up the party and delight your guests!

Garden Party

Enthrall your guests with a large decorative birdcage filled with beautiful blooms and mini whimsical bright pastel watering cans arranged around the buffet line; complete with white picket fences! Perfect for every little girl’s birthday celebration.

Welcome the Panda Family!

We have Kungfu Panda and our very own Jia Jia & Kai Kai at River Safari to brighten up our lives with their cute antics. Why not bring some adorable Panda friends to your child’s party to delight your little ones for the occasion!

Army Fun Times

The little man in the family will be pleased with our army thematic set-up complete with mini combat tankers ready to do battle on a hill-top. Get ready to hear the battle cry – or could it be shouts of delight from our little friends?

Into the Woods

Every girl dreams of fairies and magical adventures in the woods. Make your baby girl’s dream come true with our fairyland thematic set-up. Be enchanted into the whimsical world of the woods with logs and vines, glittery butterflies and rabbit friends of the woods.

Safari Adventure

Experience the thrill and wilderness of Africa with our animals friends like Kiki the Kangaroo, Gaia the giraffe and Barro the Bear! We bring out the animal instincts – caring nature for animals – in your little ones!

Underwater World

Imagine swimming freely underwater with the fishes and sea turtles, or walking leisurely along the sandy beach and picking the prettiest seashells. Our Underwater theme will bring to you a cheery tropical island feel to our party!

Sail the Seven Seas

Set sail for the seven seas and experience a nautical adventure with your little sailor! Have your very own oceanic set-up and cruise to nowhere into the adventurous and majestic sea, complete with your favourite ship and your kid’s friends as crew members!

Fanciful Carnival

Ever fancy a carnival party for your kid’s birthday? We bring you the colours and fun of a carnival themed party to wow your guests and delight the kids. What’s more, we could even bring you a popcorn stall just to add more action to your party!

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